Get your junior involved in our award-winning TPI junior golf program. Classes are year round. Here are some of the many highlights:

  • Award-winning programs led by Director of Instruction is Neil Thompson, recipient of the Dixie Section of the PGA's Teacher of the Year Award in 2011 and Player Development Award in 2014. He has also been named an Honorable Mention for U.S. Kids Top 50 National Junior Teacher of the Year for 2011 and 2012.
  • All classes taught by qualified PGA golf professionals; assisted by fitness experts.
  • Programs designed for all age and ability levels. Age ranges 4-17.
  • A place to play. Membership has full access to the Short Course and reduced rates on Championship courses included with your annual membership fee. 
  • A place to practice. A small bucket of range balls daily is included in the program.
  • A place to call your own. You will have a place to play, practice and call your own where junior golfers are always welcomed and encouraged.
  • Instruction. Pick two classes a week. A set time on Saturday and for flexibility you get to pick from various weekdays after school. See below for full schedule. (Future Stars attend once per week).
  • Classes taught at the appropriate level of the young golfer. These are designed to make lessons challenging and competitive, yet always fun.
  • Evaluations at least three times a year to chart progression of the juniors. Evaluations include golf and physical skills.
  • One-on-one lessons for program members by appointment for a reduced fee.
  • Regular on-course lessons and at least one competition per month.
  • All equipment is provided and we have a complete line of US Kids clubs and other manufacturers. You can get fit, demo and purchase any equipment from us.
  • First class is always FREE. Try us before you commit. Click here to email us to let us know when you are coming for your first class.
  • Click here for a flyer all about our various junior programs.

"I have been coming to Neil for golf instruction for almost five years. Through hard work on both our parts, I have become a player who both understands my swing and can repeat it under pressure in a tournament. He provides me with a fun and informative learning environment," Dylan Ford, 15, Homewood High School golfer.





Within our TPI program we try to develop the junior athlete and junior golfer hand-in-hand. Experts agree that a child who develops as an athlete will develop their golf skills at a faster rate and peak at a higher level of expertise. The TPI program is broken into different age and ability levels. Hat colors delineating the junior’s golf skills and bracelet colors delineating their athletic skills. Once the junior obtains blue hat level age does not matter, until then the classes are broken into age and ability levels.

  • Red hats/bacelet & Red hat/bracelet with white stripe - Beginner levels
  • White hats/bracelet & White hat/bracelet with blue stripe - Novice levels
  • Blue hats/bracelet & Blue hat/bracelet with green stripe - Intermediate levels
  • Green hats/bracelet & Green hat/bracelet with black stripe - Advanced levels
  • Black hat/bracelet & Black hat/bracelet with silver stripe - Tour levels

‚ÄčWe realise the program is a commitment -- both in time and financially. As a stepping stone and a great way to expose the younger juniors into the game we offer our Future Stars program. These are taught at the same time as the younger aged Saturday red and white level classes. There are no annual fees and you can pay weekly or monthly and attend just once a week. Once you feel your junior ready you can commit to the annual fee and start attending classes twice per week.


November 2015 - February 2016 Schedule

There will be three classes on Saturdays as follows:

The 9 am class will be for the existing 10 am class (which is for the blue hat and blue hat with green stripe levels).

The 11 am will be for the existing Noon and 2 pm classes (younger and older red, red with white stripe, white and white with blue stripe levels. Also known as Future Stars and is available for pay-as-you-attend for a $25 fee each session).

The 1 pm class will be for the class that currently comes at 8 am (the green hat and above levels).

We also offer specific golf fitness classes during the week after school. Contact us for more information.

* Program time changes above will start midweek Nov. 3rd and Saturday Nov. 7th.


  • Enrollment Fee includes:
  • Unlimited play on the short course (for one year after enrollment)
  • 1 small bucket of balls per day (for one year after enrollment)
  • Free GHIN membership (establish and continuance of USGA handicap service)
  • Initial Golf Skills and Fundamental Movement Skills Evaluation and Testing (for placement in the program)
  • All hats and bracelets earned (for one year after enrollment)
  • Discount greens fees on championship courses at Oxmoor Valley
  • Step 2 - Contact Neil Thompson to schedule your skills evaluation. You will get your hat and bracelet at the first lesson.
  • Step 3 - Choose and pay the monthly program fees (just below)
  • Step 4 - Start attending classes!


Pay once and we will debit your card subsequent months for the classes. Let us know if you need to suspend or cancel the monthly fees at any time.

Red payment level

$120 per month
This is for all ages (5-16). Juniors attend classes twice per week.


Blue payment level

$150 per month
This is for all ages (5-16). Juniors attend classes twice per week. The fees includes one individual 1/2 hour lessons. 


Green payment level

$180 per month
This is for all ages (5-16). Juniors attend classes twice per week. The fees includes two individual 1/2 hour lessons per month.

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