What does a junior need to develop their game? We believe, apart from awesome parenting and a desire to learn and improve, a junior needs a place to play, a place to practice along with regular lessons and coaching. We cannot directly effect the first point but we can definitely help with the others. All our programs are reflective of this philosophy regardless of age or ability level.
We start them young with classes for juniors ages 5 and above beginning with the Future Star/Young TPI classes. Once we know they are committed we can transition the kids over to the full TPI Program. We host regular competitions for the kids to play in and custom fit and sell the appropriate equipment for them to use and succeed at the game. Our programs are year round and we additionally host Summer Camps during the school holidays during these months.

Future Stars/Young TPI Junior Program

An ideal opportunity to expose your child to the game. Classes are taught along the TPI Program red, red with white stripe and white hat lines (please click the junior screening icon to the right of the page to learn more). No pre-booking necessary, but you can register online. Clubs and equipment provided.

Future Stars/TPI June 7th - Nov 1st from 1-2 pm Schedule & Fees  Register Online

$75 per month or $25 each week.

This is for juniors aged 8 and under attending classes once per week. Fees include an end of month competition and prizes each month. The annual TPI enrollment fee is optional.

Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Junior Program

This program is a long-term junior developmental program. We develop the junior athlete and junior golfer hand-in-hand. Most experts agree that a child who develops as an athlete will develop golf-skills at a faster rate and peak at a higher level of expertise. Regardless of what level the junior golfer begins the program, it is designed to challenge them and make learning fun. The program is broken into different levels with hat colors delineating the junior’s golf skills and bracelet colors delineating their athletic skills, this is similar to martial arts with their belt colors: Beginner/Novice levels are red hats, red hats with white stripes and white hats; Intermediate level golfers are white hat with blue stripes, blue hats and blue hats with green stripes; Advanced juniors are green hats, green hats with black stripes and above. Maximum 12 per class with 2 instructors.

More info about the TPI Junior Program

Register for the TPI Junior Program

**A junior can attend two classes free of charge before committing to the program**

How to Register for TPI:

  • Step 1 - Pay the enrollment fee online or in Oxmoor Valley's Proshop.
  • Step 2 - Contact Neil Thompson to schedule your golf and athletic skills evaluation.
  • Step 3 - Depending on the evaluation go ahead and register for the monthly lessons. You will get your hat and bracelet at the first lesson.

Enrollment Fee: $200, includes:

  • Includes unlimited play on the short course (for one year after enrollment)
  • 1 small bucket of balls per day (for one year after enrollment)
  • Free GHIN membership (establish and continuance of USGA handicap service)
  • Initial Golf Skills and Fundamental Movement Skills Evaluation and Testing (for placement in the program)
  • All hats and bracelets earned (for one year after enrollment)
  • Discount greens fees on championship courses at Oxmoor Valley

Times, Dates and Evaluations:

Attend twice per week. One midweek class and the assigned class on Saturdays.

Either / Or

Mondays, August 4th - October 27th 4:30-6pm 

Thursdays, August 7th - October 30th 4:30-6pm


Saturdays, June 7th - October 25th

- Red Hat, Red Hat with white stripe, Blue hat with green stripe and Green Hats 9-10:45am

- White hats, White hats with blue stripe and Blue hats 11-12:45pm

Evaluation/Test Days:

Saturdays, August 2nd and November 1st


TPI Monthly Fees Register Online

Red payment level


$120 per month

This is for all ages (5-16). Juniors can attend classes twice per week. A junior can attend two classes free of charge before committing to the program.

Blue payment level


$150 per month

This is for all ages (5-16). Juniors can attend classes twice per week. The fees includes one individual 1/2 hour lessons or an hour mini-group lesson per month.

Green payment level


$180 per month

This is for all ages (5-16). Juniors can attend classes twice per week. The fees includes two individual 1/2 hour lessons per month and an hour mini-group lesson per month

Optional Lesson Extras:

Individual 1/2 hour lesson to be taken during the month (must be a TPI member): $30 per lesson



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