RTJ Adult Player Development Program:


“For 2014 we are launching the Adult Player Development Program. As far as we know it is a novel approach to how golf instruction is structured and taught. The concept is based on gym memberships where a flat monthly fee allows you to attend unlimited classes. See what you think.”


Neil Thompson,
Director of Instruction RTJ Oxmoor Valley and Ross Bridge Resort


  • Flat monthly fee. Attend lessons daily.
  • 12 different classes offered weekly.
  • Tracks in place as templates for various ability levels.
  • Monthly evaluations to chart performance/progression.
  • Classes taught at both RTJ Oxmoor Valley and Ross Bridge Resort
  • Plan in advance. Schedule online for the next 3 months.
  • Discounts on playing and individual lessons.
  • Try before you pay. Free classes to attend to see the program is for you.
  • Start at any time. No need to wait to the start of the month to get going.
  • Sign up your playing partners and get extra months for free!
  • Monthly "most improved" competitions and prizes!

3 Steps to begin the program:

Step 1: Registration
Step 2: Evaluation
Step 3: Attend Classes


Click on the link on the right of the page to sign up. Payment will an automatic draw on the same day every month until you tell us to stop (minimum 3 month commitment). The class schedule will be listed below for the upcoming months and events…


This is for the experienced / non-beginner golfers, we just want to see what type of golfer you are and what your weakness lie. Evaluations are held on the first Friday and Saturday in the month during the coaching classes.

Classes and class schedule:

We have 2 tracks, one for beginners and one for experienced/ non-beginner golfers. Each has their own track and times for each set lessons

Beginner Track:

Beginner Coaching Session:

This class is for the brand new golfer that needs to learn the fundamentals of the golf swing. Learn everything from the full swing to the short game! This classes will be offered twice a week. Learn a new skill and get tested on it next time, pass the test and move on to the next skill.

Thursday 6-7 pm @ Oxmoor Valley
Saturday 7-8 am @ Oxmoor Valley

Golf 101: 

Trunk to trunk and everything in between. Rules, etiquette and general golf concepts including club purchasing to be covered. Come to this Q & A session to find out what to do once you arrive at the golf course until you drive out of the parking lot! No questions to silly!!

Saturday 8-9 am @ Oxmoor Valley

Experienced / non-beginner track

General Coaching Session:

Practice makes perfect? No, perfect practice makes perfect. Let’s determine what’s needed in your game and go to work on it.
Will have 2 PGA certified pros on hand at all coaching session

Tuesdays 5:30-7pm@ Ross Bridge
Friday 4-6 pm @ Oxmoor Valley

Short game only:

If you struggle to get the ball in the hole, this is the class for you! This class will give you the drills and skills needed in order to enhance your short game and lower your scores!

Monday 5-7 pm @ Ross Bridge

On course / Playing lesson:

Let’s get you out playing some 9 holes and see how your game is progressing (regressing!!) By playing with and/or observing you we will have a better idea of what aspects of your game needs the most attention and to individualize an instruction program for you.

Saturday 7-9 am @ Oxmoor Valley  Short Course

Golf Fitness:

Jane Fonda eat your heart out! No spandex necessary but you will have a better understanding of what muscle do what in the swing and which ones need to a little work. Be careful regularly attending this class might have serious side effects to your handicap.

Tuesdays 5-5:30pm Ross Bridge
Fridays 4-4:30pm Oxmoor Valley


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