RTJ Adult Player Development Program:



In 2014 we launched the Adult Player Development Program. As far as we know it was a novel approach to how golf instruction is structured and taught. The concept is based on a gym membership where a flat monthly fee allows you to attend unlimited classes. During the year we have witnessed numerous success stories and feel we are on to something with regards how the game should be taught. In 2015 we will continue with the program, hopefully improving the lessons with tweaks here and there based on feedback from current and past attendees. Please come out and try a lesson and see what you think. 

We are very pleased to announced that the Dixie Section PGA Player Development Award for 2014 was giving to Neil Thompson, Director of the Adult Player Development Program.

  • Flat monthly fee. Attend lessons as much as you would like.
  • Year round lesson program.
  • Tracks in place as templates for various ability levels.
  • Monthly evaluations to chart performance/progression.
  • Classes taught at both RTJ Oxmoor Valley and Ross Bridge Resort
  • Plan in advance. Schedule online for the next 3 months.
  • Discounts on playing and individual lessons.
  • Try before you pay. Free classes to attend to see the program is for you.
  • Start at any time. No need to wait to the start of the month to get going.
  • Sign up your playing partners and get extra months for free!
  • Monthly "most improved" competitions and prizes!


Click on the link on the top of the page to sign up. Payment will an automatic draw on the same day every month until you tell us to stop (minimum 3 month commitment). The class schedule will be listed below for the upcoming months and events…

Beginner Track

Beginner Coaching Sessions:

This class is for the brand new golfer that needs to learn the fundamentals of the golf swing. Learn everything from the full swing to the short game! This classes will be offered twice a week. Learn a new skill and get tested on it next time, pass the test and move on to the next skill.

Saturdays 8:30-10 am & Sundays 2-3:30pm @ Oxmoor Valley Nov 2nd 2014 - March 8th 

Thursdays 6-7:30pm (Oxmoor Valley) & Saturdays 9:30-11am (Ross Bridge) March 9th onwards


Experienced Golfer Track

General Coaching Sessions:

Practice makes perfect? No, perfect practice makes perfect. Let’s determine what’s needed in your game and go to work on it.

Saturdays 8:30-10 am & Sundays 2-3:30pm @ Oxmoor Valley Nov 2nd 2014 - March 8th 

Tuesdays 6-7:30pm (Ross Bridge), Fridays 6-7:30pm (Oxmoor Valley) & Saturdays 8-9:30am (Ross Bridge) March 9th onwards

 On course / Playing lesson:

Let’s get you out playing some 9 holes and see how your game is progressing (regressing!!) By playing with and/or observing you we will have a better idea of what aspects of your game needs the most attention and to individualize an instruction program for you.





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